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The OSRAM culture focuses on variety and innovation. A motivating working atmosphere, performance-oriented compensation, and attractive training opportunities encourage our employees’ zest for action and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Appreciation, respect and trust – for us at OSRAM, these values are not empty promises, but an integral part of the corporate culture that we live every day. In fact, these are the key prerequisites for employees to satisfy even the highest requirements. Learn more here about what you can expect from us!

Our corporate culture


To enhance people’s lives through the infinite possibilities of light, to drive innovation, develop new technologies and enter future markets, we require a corporate culture characterized by trust and cooperation, enabling us to strive for top performance, and to be open for change and shape it. A culture in which we take well-calculated risks and are willing to take and delegate responsibility.



Fostering capabilities and ownership in an environment of trust and mutual respect.


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Passion for performance

Passion for performance 

Striving for outstanding and sustainable results together as a team.


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Ability to change

Ability to change 

Understanding the need for continuous change and shaping change proactively by engaging colleagues and teams within the entire organization.


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Sharing information from within and outside the organization openly. Fostering feedback and collaboration.


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Readiness to assume risk


Taking decisions based on a sound risk assessment for better business performance.


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Light for a better world

Our vision: Light for a better world


We want to achieve this vision through our mission: Using the infinite possibilities of light to improve people’s lives. To achieve this, we make use of our four core competencies:​

  • Mobility: We use light to enable safe and convenient road travel.​
  • Safety & Security: We use light as a key technology to keep people and their data safe – both online and offline.​
  • Connection: We use light to connect people and technology.​
  • Health and Well-Being: And with light, we improve the well-being of people in the context of a growing world population.



Our benefits


We offer our employees worldwide performance-oriented and competitive compensation along with numerous ancillary benefits. To mention just a few examples: company pension scheme, direct insurance, bonus programs, health and prevention benefits, vocational training as well as sports programs.​
In addition, we grant location-specific benefits. Please ask your recruiter to tell you more about these benefits in a personal conversation.





We have a large range of offers to support our employees in balancing their family and career the way that suits them best. These include flexible working models, part-time and home office models, and also child daycare.



Career opportunities for OSRAM employees are irrespective of their gender, nationality or personal background. Our innovative lighting technologies are developed by interdisciplinary, heterogeneous teams, because we consider diversity as a key prerequisite for fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Only if people from different backgrounds pull together can innovative ideas develop, grow and mature.

We are a member of the Diversity Charter and PROUTATWORK and commit to living an open and respectful corporate culture.





Together we shape the future of light. We consider it our mission to make people’s lives brighter and easier. The rapid change of technologies and markets brings with it a whole range of new tasks and challenges, providing each and every one of us with the opportunity to advance him-/herself and our company as a whole. At OSRAM, the thirst for research and a hunger for knowledge meet entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive. Combined with more than 100 years of experience in the lighting industry, this combination is an ideal basis for growth and innovation.



Employee Resource Groups


OSRAM employees enjoy the opportunity to share their ideas on certain topics or diversity dimensions within the scope of our Employee Groups. These groups are linked across locations, enabling them to discuss diversity topics across countries and departments and generate new ideas. At OSRAM, we can benefit from the diversity of our workforce in order to learn from each other and drive innovation in all corporate areas.



Female Leaders


More women at the top – this is our goal for OSRAM. With their profound expertise, female leaders contribute significantly to the success of our company. This is why we have set up specific programs to promote female leaders: With our Female Leaders initiatives, we advance female talent even further. To mention just one example: At the Women’s Leadership Forum, female OSRAM leaders from all over the world meet once a year and close ranks in order to jointly work on the development of their careers.





Health and safety are key prerequisites for ensuring that healthy, motivated employees contribute to the success of our company. And this is why the Health and Occupational Safety organization is striving to promote the health of employees while at the same time ensuring safety at all our workplaces and in all work processes. This includes protecting our employees against any situations posing threats to their lives or hazards to their health within the scope of their work for OSRAM. We have also set out these goals in our EHS Guidelines (EHS – Environmental Protection, Health and Safety) which are binding for all OSRAM locations worldwide. Health checks, sports groups and cooperations with sports associations are just a few of the many measures we take in order to promote and maintain the health of OSRAM employees.





We are striving to not only generate economic added value, but also to support sustainable development. With our energy-efficient and smart products and solutions, we are contributing significantly to climate protection. In addition, our lighting technologies provide for enhanced safety on roads and in public areas, protect data privacy, and enhance people's well-being both at work and at home. As an integral part of the global economy, sustainable supply chains play a major role. We make sure that our suppliers observe basic values – for example in the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. OSRAM has set out a Code of Conduct for Suppliers which – analogous to our Business Conduct Guidelines for OSRAM employees – combines important international standards and conventions and summarizes our basic values.



Social Commitment


As a global company, we not only operate in different cultures and societies, but also actively take responsibility on site. Within the scope of its social commitment, OSRAM promotes a large number of individual initiatives in the fields of education and science, arts and culture, as well as various social and humanitarian projects.



Talent-oriented career paths


With our global career paths – "Leadership Career", "Key Expert Career" and "Project Management Career” – we offer our employees a wealth of opportunities to develop in various directions, depending on individual strengths and preferences. ​
Our global OSRAM "Leadership Programs" set benchmarks in terms of corporate leadership at OSRAM and support leaders in tackling challenges. All capabilities and skills required at the different management levels are specifically developed. ​
Our "Project Management Programs" focus on applying project management methods daily in practice, promoting the professionalization and consolidation of the knowledge of our project managers. ​All of our programs encourage social networking with colleagues from other functions and countries.

Human Rights and Fair Working conditions


“OSRAM attaches great importance to respect for human rights. As a globally operating company, respect for human rights plays a key role in our cooperation with business partners and suppliers – and also in regard to the working conditions of our employees. We are committed to the principles of the United Nations Human Rights Charter and actively take responsibility by continuously integrating respect for human rights into all our policies, systems and processes.”

​Dr. Olaf Berlien, Chief Executive Officer of OSRAM Licht AG



Your personal growth


OSRAM operates in a highly dynamic, agile and competitive industry. A strong focus on continuous learning and development is therefore a key competency for our company to maintain its position in the face of strong competition. Our comprehensive learning offer allows you to fully unleash your technical and personal potential. This means that you will be specifically promoted and challenged in line with your individual career aspirations: general training, personal orientation, and function-specific training or learning that focuses on improving your leadership qualities.



Open Mentoring


With Open Mentoring, we want to promote entrepreneurial thinking. Under this program, all employees worldwide have the opportunity to act as a mentor or mentee. Mentors usually have comprehensive expertise in a certain specialist area and are available to advise less experienced employees. These mentees benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues. Open Mentoring provides them with valuable impetus for their daily work. For these relationships to bear fruit, we deliberately go beyond hierarchical levels in order to promote your personal development. Knowledge and experience can thus be shared across hierarchical boundaries – an enriching experience at both the personal and professional level.





To give you a smooth start, we offer you a structured onboarding process – including buddies standing at your side and also experienced colleagues who support you with your new job. Furthermore, our many employee networks are ideal for making new contacts within a short time and become a part of the OSRAM world.

Our employee awards

The greatest reward for us is for our employees to feel at ease in our company and contribute their skills and talents in line with our motto of using the infinite possibilities of light to improve people’s lives.
We are of course particularly proud whenever we receive prestigious awards from external institutes and organizations, underscoring our excellence as an employer.

OSRAM and its locations

Here we show you some of our locations. As an international high-tech company, we offer our employees the opportunity to work worldwide, e.g. in the context of secondments, international projects, our trainee program or a station during their dual studies.

Our business areas


The New OSRAM - more than just light

Mobility, safety and connection, along with well-being and health: These are our central business areas in which we are tirelessly searching for answers to the biggest questions of the 21st century. How will it be possible to feed Earth's 10 billion people in 2050? What will it take to ensure smooth urban life and traffic if 70 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas? How can we conserve our valuable resources? And how can we ensure data privacy and access security in a digital world?

OSRAM is making significant contributions towards addressing these problems of our modern world. In the future as well, our products and services will help people to see, communicate, move, work and live better.

The Opto Semiconductors (OS) business unit represents the technological backbone of OSRAM and has been a global leader in optoelectronic components for many years. OS is taking a leading role particularly in the field of special applications – such as infrared components for smartphones and autonomous driving.

The OSRAM DI business unit combines all the businesses that can best benefit from increasing digitalization – including electronic components and lighting systems, as well as hardware and software for light management. The scope of DI also includes entertainment applications for stages, studios and film sets.

The Automotive business unit focuses on the development, production, and also distribution of lamps, light modules and sensor technology for OEMs (vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers) and also for the spare parts business. These include both conventional and LED-based solutions.

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Our mission drives us forward – We want to help people to see better, communicate better, move better, and work and live better. ​

At OSRAM, your creativity has free run to shape new products and services. You’ll discover innovative technologies in a market characterized by progress and change. We offer you rewarding career opportunities in a global company – and the opportunity to help us improve people's lives.

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