Privacy Policy for OSRAM in Social Media



Our business is founded on trust. Safeguarding personal data (data protection) is of great importance to
OSRAM. That is why we comply with all applicable data protection legislation and also strive to keep on
improving data protection.

This is the data privacy statement for the following social media presences run by OSRAM GmbH and its
affiliated companies (“Osram Group”). You can find the contact data for OSRAM GmbH in section 1. You
can contact the addresses stated there in order to obtain information on the persons responsible for the
online presence in question.

Please note:
Some of our websites contain buttons of social media networks. These buttons are not recommendation or
referral links. The button in question merely refers to the social media network. User data is not transmitted
when you click on these buttons.

“Contact person” means: the contact person at customers, sales partners, suppliers and partners
“Business partner” means: customers, sales partners, suppliers and partners.


1. Name and address of the controller
The controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), other national data
protection laws of the Member States and other data protection regulations is:
Represented by Dr. Olaf Berlien, Mr. Ingo Bank and Dr. Stefan Kampmann
- Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 6, 80807 Munich, Germany
- Phone: +49 89 6213-0
- Fax: +49 89 6213-2020
- E-mail:
- Internet:,
- Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:
The controller is the Group company specified in the imprint for the online presence.


2. Facebook ("OSRAM Facebook page")
The OSRAM Facebook page is operated by OSRAM on the technical platform of Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4
Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 (“Facebook”).

The following provides you with information on how data is processed on the OSRAM Facebook page (1.1)
and the information published by Facebook relating to processing of personal data by Facebook (1.2).


2.1. Processing of data on the OSRAM Facebook page
If you are registered on Facebook, you can send us a message on Facebook by clicking on the “Send
Message” button. These messages cannot be seen by other Facebook users. We use the personal data
you disclose in such messages solely to reply to your message. The legal basis for processing this data is
Article 6 (1) point (f) GDPR. The message is erased once your inquiry has been responded to. You can find
more information on data protection at OSRAM in our data privacy policy. It also contains information on
your rights as regards processing of your personal data and means of contacting us about matters related
to data protection.

OSRAM also uses the “Facebook Insights” function, which offers statistical information on use of the
OSRAM Facebook page and is provided by Facebook (please refer to 2.2 for more details).

Above and beyond the processing of personal data specified here, OSRAM does not have any influence on
the processing of personal data in connection with your use of the OSRAM Facebook page. We point out
that you use the OSRAM Facebook site and its functions under your own responsibility. That applies in
particular to use of interactive functions (e.g. comment, share, like).


2.2. Information from Facebook on processing of personal data
When you visit the OSRAM Facebook page, Facebook records details (in particular as part of the Insights
function) collected in connection with a visit to, or interaction by persons on or with, the OSRAM Facebook
page and its content. You can find details of the specific data collected at here.

So as to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, Facebook has defined here, that the site operator, i.e. OSRAM in
our case, is the joint controller together with Facebook Ireland. It is also confirmed that Facebook Ireland
takes primary responsibility under the GDPR for processing of the data and is responsible for fulfilling
obligations relating to the rights of data subjects.

OSRAM has taken note of the information on this agreement and made it part of the agreement between
OSRAM and Facebook.

You can find Facebook’s Cookies Policy at:

Facebook’s Data Policy can be called at:


3. Linkedin/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube
The official OSRAM Linkedin account is:


The official OSRAM Twitter accounts are:



The official OSRAM Instagram account is:

The official OSRAM YouTube accounts are:


Any content or opinions of accounts other than those specified above are the responsibility of the individual
author in question and do not reflect the opinion of OSRAM. OSRAM is not liable for such third-party
content. Since social media posts may contain links, please note that OSRAM is not responsible for the
content of websites it does not operate. Moreover, OSRAM cannot be held liable for all information provided
on OSRAM’s social media channels not being correct and complete.

Our social media activities are geared toward our working hours.


3.1. Processing of personal data by OSRAM on the social media platforms
The data you enter on the social media platforms, such as comments, videos, photos, likes, public
messages etc., are published by the social media platform and are never used or processed by us for other
purposes. We merely reserve the right to delete content where that should be necessary (see OSRAM’s
netiquette for social media platforms). If applicable, we share your content on our site if such a function is
offered by the social media platform and communicate with you over the platform. The legal basis for that is
Article 6 (1) sentence 1 point (f) GDPR. The data is processed in the interest of our public relations work
and communication.

If you wish to object to a specific type of data processing we can influence, please get in touch with us
under the contact data specified in the imprint. We will then examine your objection.

If you send us an inquiry on the social media platform, we may refer you to other, secure communication
channels that ensure confidentiality, depending on the required response. You can always submit
confidential inquiries to us by sending them to the address stated in the imprint.

We have limited means of influencing, and cannot disable, statistics the provider of the social media
platform makes available to us. However, we do not request them from the platform.


3.2. Processing of personal data by social media providers on the social media platforms
Social media platforms use web tracking methods. Web tracking can be carried out regardless of whether
you are logged on to or registered with the social media platform. We cannot influence the web tracking
methods of the social media platforms. We cannot disable them, for example.

We point out that it is not possible to rule out that the provider of the social media platform uses your profile
and behavior data to analyze your habits, personal relationships, preferences etc. You can find more details
on processing of data by the provider of the social media platform and other means of objecting to it in the
privacy policies of the respective provider:

- Twitter:

- Instagram:

- Youtube:

4. Rights of data subjects
You have the following rights in relation to processing of personal data by OSRAM:
- The right to access and obtain information under Article 15 GDPR
- The right to rectification of data under Article 16 GDPR
- The right to erasure of personal data under Article 17 GDPR
- The right to restrict processing under Article 18 GDPR
- The right to data portability under Article 20 GDPR


Right to object in accordance with Article 21 GDPR:
If we process your data to safeguard legitimate interests (Article 6 (1) point (f) GDPR) or to perform a task
carried out in the public interest (Article 6 (1) point (e) GDPR) and there are grounds to object against such
processing relating to the particular situation of the contact person, you can object to such processing in
accordance with Article 21 (1) GDPR.

The rights of the contact persons as data subjects are applicable only insofar as they are consistent with
the underlying business relationship with our business partner.

Rights of data subject as regards processing of personal data by a social media provider must be asserted
against the social media provider in question.